Mini Fez Hat is Where It’s At!

The invitation to the Coconut Club in Los Angeles specifically stated that it was to be an evening of black sequins and exotic fezzes.  I wanted to dress accordingly, but I didn’t have a fez!  Luckily, cardboard and felt came to my rescue!  Here’s a little tutorial on how to make your own exotic fez.


You’re going to need:

  1.  Flimsy-ish cardboard (like a cereal box)
  2. Scissors
  3. Tape
  4. Glue (elmers, mod podge etc.)
  5. A sponge for dabbing glue
  6. Felt
  7. Trimmings, Sequins, etc.
  8. A tassle (not pictured yet)
  9. A glue gun and extra glue sticks
  10. The stencil I have provided HERE (and a printer to print the stencil.)
  11. A love of the exotic and mysterious.

First thing you have to do is take the stencil and cut out one set of shapes.  Then, you tape the shapes to the cardboard and cut out the cardboard.

Set the stencils aside and tape the cardboard piece to the felt.  Its always a good idea to conserve space while cutting, so choose a corner of felt to lay your cardboard on and cut.  The cardboard might end up with some extra tape on it but that is OK.  It will get covered.

Take the circle stencil and put it directly over the cardboard and draw a mark.  This is where the tassel will fit inside.

Do the same thing with the felt as well.

Take your cardboard and gently wind your scissors into the marked hole until they come out the other side. Try not to bend the cardboard.

Do the same thing with the felt.  You can fold the felt in half and cut a small “x” with your scissors.

Now, set the circles aside.  Take the other part of the stencil and “happy face” up, create a circle with the cardboard.  You’re going to want to slightly overlap the cardboard about 1/4 to 1/2 inch or else the hat will have a teardrop shape to it, and we don’t want that!

Once you’ve done your overlap circle, take the pieces together to hold your circle together.

Take your glue and sponge and dab a little on the base of the hat, and start to apply the felt to it little by little.  Make sure you get your edges of felt aligned to the cardboard as much as possible.  Do the same for the circle (top) of the hat.

After your felt has been completely applied, hot glue gun the two pieces together by gluing the top circle to the base where the two meet on the interior of the hat.  Glue the entire circumference together, and make sure its as aligned as you can get it.

Once the glue gun glue has dried, you can put the tassel through the hole that you made on the top of the hat earlier.  Pull the string through and tape it to the interior of the hat.

After you have added the tassel, pick out some trimmings for the top and rim of your hat!  You will need to hot glue gun them to the felt.  **Start hot gluing the trimmings at the seam of the felt, you will be covering the seams up with trimmings, and sequins.

Here’s the what the outside looks like finished!  My cat decided to stop by and help out.


If you want to make the fez look super profesh, you can even line the inside.  This is an optional step, but it does make it look nicer.

Cut out two more pieces of felt from the stencil, you can use the second pieces that were provided.  Dab more glue on the inside of the hat little by little.  Toward the end, if the felt pieces over lap, start trimming one edge little by little until they come together without overlapping.

Once you have the sides glued down, glue the top part down too. It looks OK if the circle is a little too big, but you can cut the circle down little by little if you don’t like that.

Hot glue trimmings to the bottom rim of the hat to cover up imperfections.  Try to align all of your seams, including the trimming for the underside of the hat, before gluing.

Once your hat is completely done, you will just need to hot glue it to your headband!  Place the hat at the angle that you want it on the headband.  Keep in mind that there is a front and a back to this hat, your seam side is the back.  if you want your hat to lean to the right on your head, position the seam side of the hat to the back, and vice versa for the left.

Hold the headband firmly against the hat with one hand, and glue gun the crevice where the headband meets the hat STARTING ON ONE SIDE ONLY.  Be patient while the hot glue dries and keep holding onto the hat.

after one side has dried, you can make adjustments to the hat before gluing the other side.  If the bottom rim looks a little lopsided, try to bring back the circular shape but gently manipulating it. Once you have your desired shape, hot glue gun the other side of the headband to the hat.

You can add another layer of glue if you feel like the hat needs more stability.

After the glue dries, YOU ARE DONE!!

Time. To. Party.


Fun Project: Glitter Banners!

I thought of making a glitter banner because my sister is having a baby shower and the party needed some festive decorations. I love working with glitter. It makes everything bright and sparkly and fun! I think the project turned out really well and I want to do more banners in the future using different color glitters!

BB Banner-1
To do this project you will need the following:

1. Thin Cardboard 8.5×11 (Like a cereal box)
2. Letters printed out on 8.5×11 paper, 700 to 800 pts, any font, up to 2 letters per page
3. Spraymount
4. Exacto knife or blade
5. Glitter (I used Martha Stewart brand)
6. Paint Brush
7. Mod Podge or glue
8. Yarn or thick string
9. Scissors
10. A folder or a folded piece of scratch paper 8.5×11 or larger
11. Masking tape or scotch tape

First you need to spray mount your printed letters to the cardboard. Cut the letters out with scissors once the paper has bonded to the cardboard.

Once you have cut out the letters, you will need to take your exacto knife or razor blade and cut out any extra white paper on the inside of the letter (for example the letter A will still have white space on the inside to cut out)

BB Banner-3

Once the white space inside the letters are carefully cut out, use your paint brush to coat your entire letter with your glue or Mod Podge. (Finished example below). Only a thin layer of glue will be enough.

BB Banner-5

Once you have coated the letter with glue, you can sprinkle on the glitter! Remember to put a sheet of folded paper under your letters to catch the excess glitter.

Once the glitter has coated the entire letter, return the excess glitter to it’s container for later use.

Repeat these steps the desired amount of times to create all of the letters that you will use in your banner. (I did it 9 times for my banner.)

Allow banner letters to dry overnight. The next day, put another coat of Mod Podge on top of the glitter with dabbing motions. If you don’t have Mod Podge, be sure to use a glue that dries clear. This helps really well to seal in the glitter so it doesn’t come off of the letters. If the letters curl a little, try putting them under a heavy book for an extra night after they have completely dried.

BB Banner-14

When the letters have dried and are flat as can be, there is nothing more to do than attach the string to the back of them. I literally just eyeballed about a quarter inch down from the top of each letter, and masking taped the string so that the tape was hidden from the front view. I also Mod Podged the string over the masking tape for extra hold. I am sure there is a cleaner way to do this. Maybe clear tape would work better. Or perhaps you can crazy glue pieces of straw to the back of the letters and insert the yarn through there. I’ll have to try that next time. Anyway, I would leave about 4 feet of yarn slack on either side for hanging the banner up.

Here’s what it looks like done. I’ll be using it for my sister’s baby shower next week! (hopefully I will have photos to post for that too.)

How to Make a Felt Peppermint Butler!

For those of you who are not familiar, Peppermint Butler is the butler to Princess Bubblegum in the popular series Adventure Time. I thought it would be fun to dress up as Princess Bubblegum for Halloween. After working on the dress and the crown for my costume, I got the idea to create a Peppermint Butler purse. I’m going to fill it with bubblegum and peppermints, and hand it out to my coworkers.

It was a bit time consuming, but still really easy to make. What takes time is waiting for all of that glue to dry 😉

The first thing you need to do is draw a circle. You can really make your Butler any size. Mine was about 8 inches in diameter. Cut out about 4 circles of the same diameter using regular printer paper.

Then, use a cereal box or some sort of flimsy cardboard, take the circle you cut out from printer paper and trace it over your cardboard, and cut a circle out of the cardboard. Do this two times.

Next up, cut out two rectangular pieces of cardboard It can be any width. I chose 3.5 inches. It worked out pretty nicely as far as peppermint proportions go…

Tape the two pieces together.

Little by little, start taping your long straight piece to your cardboard circle. Tape the inside too for extra support…

If you desire, you can line the inside of your purse. I had some purple felt left over from making the Princess’ lapels so that is what I chose to use. you can line it with any color, really…

After it is all lined, finish taping both sides of the box…


Before the felt goes on, you’re going to cover the cardboard with those white printer paper circles you made earlier. That way, the cardboard and tape and ugly stuff doesn’t show through…

In the second photo below, I’ve already applied the felt to the front and the paper to the sides. The glue is on top there and I’m just about to put the white felt on top…

After that you slowly start bringing him to life using different color felts. Its helpful to have those extra cut outs of the printer paper so that you can measure how wide to make his clothes and so on…

His arms and legs were a bit tricky. to make them, I rolled a piece of felt up with a wire I got from a craft store. In other words, there is a wire in his legs and arms so you can bend them. I sewed the felt up and added the cuffs on the end to hide the imperfections.

Notice the craft wire on the right.
Notice the craft wire on the right.

I made his hands and feet the same way… I will tell you how I did the hand so you get the idea…I drew a 1 dimensional hand on felt and cut that pattern out 4 times. I sewed two of the pieces together and stuffed them with left over felt to give it some dimension. I placed the hands into the cuffs and using white thread, sewed the unseen part of the hand into the white cuff. You can’t really see it and it keeps the hand on the arm really well. You basically use the same idea for the feet except that the feet go over the leg and you use red thread to sew it to the leg…

So, for those of you wondering how I attached the appendages onto the body, I’ll tell ya. I sewed the arms and legs into the cardboard! It wasn’t all that easy. You are basically blindly trying to find the perfect spot for your needle to go, and it takes a couple of times to get it right. On top of that, pushing a needle through cardboard, albiet flimsy cardboard, HURTS yo’ fingas! Be sure to have a thimble handy to protect those digits…

Here is the finished product…My Peppermint Butler glamour shoot!  In the end I turned him into a purse!


How to Make a Screen Door

Have you ever been to that restaurant in Portland called Screen Door? You can get so much fried chicken there! That’s not the kind of screen door I’m talking about right now though. The one I’m talking about just made my apartment feel more like home, and my cat less likely to escape when I want to leave the door open.

Here is a quick picture tutorial on how to make one yourself. You will definitely need at least two people to do it.

Here is what you need:

5 pieces of wood (like around .75″ x 3.5″)
A drill and drill bits
Measuring tape
A Ruler
A razor blade
Long screws, depending on how thick your wood is (I think our screws were around 3″)
Other regular screws
A hand saw
Screen material
at least 2 hinges
an eyelet latch
a handle
a friend

The very first thing you need to do is measure your door frame where your screen will go. Ours measured something like 80.5″ x 36″.

Then you will need to measure the wood pieces.

Measure two long pieces and two short pieces. This will be your door frame. Later you will add 1 more piece somewhere in the middle as a support. We’ll get to that in a minute!

Clamp down your wood somewhere and use a razor blade to mark where you want to cut it.

Annnnd SAW!! When sawing it is best to “let the saw do the work.” Just rock the saw back and forth gently and it will cut through the wood super easy. Be sure to have a vacuum handy because there will be sawdust!

Drill two holes (for extra support) where you want your screws to go. This depends on the width of your wood. Our width was pretty thick so we had to drill through the wood as much as possible so that the screw would actually attach to the smaller piece (bottom and top of the
door frame). Make sure the drill bit that you use to drill holes in the wood is slightly larger than the head of the screw that you are using.

Clamp the two pieces together and get ready to screw them together!

Screw all sides together and you’re almost done!

Just add the support piece in the middle by drilling it in from the sides, like shown above, and add the screen material to “the back side of the door”. Use a staple gun to fix it to the wood. I stood on the wood while Brian pulled it SUPER taut. The long side took about 10 staples, while the short side took about 5. We didn’t staple gun the support piece.

When we were done staple gunning the screen material, we used a ruler and the razor blade to cut off the excess material. Ow on your knees if you have a hard wood floor! Oh well.

Finally you add the hinges, about 10-12 inches down from the top and bottom of the door. The short side of the hinge is affixed to the wood, while the long side is affixed to the door frame outside. Make sure you know which way you want your door to open!!

Then there are finishing touches, like an inside eyelet hook lock, and a door handle, and you are done! Time to eat fried chicken and celebrate!

Portland PT. 2-30