Lone Pine – Alabama Hills – Highway 395

I would definitely call it a stretch to refer to Lone Pine and Alabama Hills as a daytrip.  We did it in one day, but it was a lonnnng ride home.  I would suggest to anyone who travels there from Los Angeles to spend the night in or around Lone Pine and return home in the morning.  It will be worth it to wake up and have the Eastern Sierra mountain range as your backdrop.  I’ll definitely do that next time.

To get to Alabama Hills, I suggest you drive for about two hours outside of L.A. and stop at Red Rock Canyon State Park in order to warm up to the natural beauty that awaits you.

After we spent a little over an hour at RRCSP, we drove on Highway 395 for another hour to the adorable town of Lone Pine. I wasn’t thinking in terms of blogging for this trip, and I didn’t take any photos of the town.  You will have to see for yourself.  It is very cute.  After eating a second breakfast at Alabama Hills Cafe, we headed to the Alabama Hills to climb rocks and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

Lone Pine and Alabama Hills are situated at the foot of Mount Whitney, the highest mountain in the contiguous 48 states.  I always find this area fascinating, because not too far away is Death Valley, which has Badwater Basin, which is the lowest point in North America. On the other side of Lone Pine is Sequoia National Park, and just north of where we were is Yosemite and Mammoth.  There is no shortage of fun things to do in the area.  (Kernville is also close by.)

We drove as far as we could up Whitney Portal Road, but it got pretty cold and it was getting kinda scary, so we turned around. We took some pictures of the mountains from the road.

After a long day of exploring the area, we opted for Lone Pine Pizza Factory as our last meal in town before leaving.  It was actually very good, despite what the Yelp reviews would have you believe.

Alabama Hills-40

I also wanted to mention that Eric Schatz’s Bakery is about an hour away in the town of Bishop, and it is well worth the trip.  They have tons of goodies and the yummiest chili cheese bread that there ever was!


Joshua Tree Take 2.

Me, Brian and friends went back to Joshua Tree in early May to explore more of the park.  It is an incredibly huge park, and once you’re inside you lose cell phone service.  You really start to feel like you’re in the wilderness at that point!   The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and I even bought a desert outfit to take photos in! I’m sad we were too exhausted to stay until sunset.  Joshua Tree has the best sunsets. All in all it was a wonderful trip!

A friend of mine made an amazing video of the trip that you can see here: https://vimeo.com/124915014


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